VFD (Drive) Panel

Variable Frequency Drive (VFD Panel) also known as VFD Control Panel are designed to control the speed of the electric motor and feed pump. They are widely used in drilling, pumping and other large machine applications like Conveyor and Compressor. VFD Panels are mostly used for energy cost reduction for a host of application but are also extensively used in plant automation even if they do not contribute to any reduction in energy consumption for those applications.

Product Features

AC motor speed is controlled in two ways – either by controlling the voltage or frequency. Frequency controlling gives better control due to constant flux density than voltage control. The two main features of VFD are adjustable speeds and soft start/stop. It is a power conversion device which converts the fixed voltage, fixed frequency of the input power to the variable voltage, the variable frequency output to control AC induction motors. Most of the industrial applications require variable speeds at peak load conditions and constant speeds at normal operating conditions. Closed loop working of VFDs maintains the speed of the motor at a constant level, even in case of input and load disturbances.

Product Benefits

  • Semi modular construction for future extension on both ends, Single/ Double front, Form 4 construction, Compartmentalization with standard dimensions to enable repeated quality and prompts delivery.
  • A frequency control potentiometer is installed on the VFD panel's door, to transmit command signals to the motor according to operator assigned.
  • VFD panel has display and operation panel on the front body, which is connected to the electrical components inside the control cabinet. It can display the panel's operational status visually, and convenient for operator control the motor in actual field operations
  • Bus bars are made of electrolytic grade Al/Cu with certified percentages of IACS conductivity.
  • 9-Tank process employed for the cleansing of the sheet steel.
  • Separate chambers isolated from cable alleys and unit feeder chamber allowing safety of maintenance staff.
  • Pre-programmed and factory wired VFD’s offers easy way for connection and maintenance.
  • Designed to meet constant changes in climatic conditions.
  • Design provides adequate space for cable or bus duct termination and required cable supports.


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