Hybrid Panels

BITCON also has on offer custom built Hybrid Panels ( Reactive Compensations + Harmonic Filtration) that combine the benefits of reactive power compensation and harmonic filtration in a single package. These panels can not only ensure near unity PF but can ensure that the harmonics stay within levels as specified by IEEE 519 or other applicable standards.

Key Features

BITCON Hybrid system integrates conventional power factor correction systems and the latest IGBT-based solutions to provide ultra-rapid response and infinitely variable kVAr and harmonics control; it can be applied either in low voltage or medium voltage electrical distribution networks.

These systems are capable of providing near real time response by injecting instantaneous and continuously variable reactive power and harmonic currents. They are used extensively in industries where there is a high proliferation of harmonic generating loads such as UPS, variable frequency drives, induction furnaces, servo drives and the likes.

For utilities billing on KVAH, it is usually not possible for consumers to reduced KVAH only by using capacitors banks as harmonics present in the system also contributes to increased KVA consumption and needs to be addressed appropriately.

  • Combination of switched capacitor banks and Active Harmonic Filters (AHF)
  • Use of latest IGBT based power electronic technology for best in class harmonic cancellation upto 50th harmonic
  • Choice of capacitor switching – contactor or thyristor switching based on customer requirements
  • De-tuned iron core harmonic block reactors to prevent harmonic resonance
  • Super Heavy Duty 525 VAC capacitors used as a standard to ensure high life of capacitors.
  • Near real time step less PF correction
  • Possibility of unbalance compensation with appropriate sizing of system
  • Compact installation foot print and lower installation costs as compared to conventional solution
  • Wide range of display and communication options for remote monitoring and supervisory control of the systems
  • Available in a wide range of enclosures from IP ratings of IP 20 to IP 55 as per site requirements


  • Step less dynamic power factor correction ensuring highest instantaneous PF
  • Harmonic filtration to comply with IEEE 519 or local regulations
  • Significant reduction in utility bills for KVAH billing
  • Highest PF rebates wherever applicable
  • Reduced stress on electrical infrastructure
  • Lower system losses
  • Balanced loads
  • Instantaneous response for inrush support


Electric Connection 3P3W/3P4W
Rated Frequency 50Hz (60Hz) +/- 10%
Rated Voltage 415 / 433/ 440/690 V (please ask about other voltages)
Rated Current per Module & Rated Current per Cabinet (Refer to module combination) Other ratings, switching combination or design voltages are available upon request
Compensation Mode Compensate Harmonics, Reactive Power, Phase imbalance
Reactive Power Compensation Performance Cosφ≥0.99 after compensation (if the SVG capacity is sufficient)
Reactive Power Compensation Capability Both inductive and capacitive reactive power compensation
Harmonic Filtering Performance Filter up to 98% harmonics at rated load
Communication Modbus Protocol, RS485
Protection class IP 20/IP 44 / IP 65
Imbalance Correction Capability Mitigate negative and zero sequence
Auto Manual Arrangement On-Off Push Buttons with ON Indication Lamps. (optional)
Controller DSP IGBT FPGA control
Thermal Loss ≤3% of SVG rated capacity (kVA)


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