Motor Control Centers (MCC)

Motor Controls Centre (MCC) offerings from E-Cube Energy(BITCON brand) are robust and firmly constructed to suit a wide range of industrial and commercial applications. MCC's can be supplied both with top and or bottom entry with features such as cable alley illumination lamps and space heaters with thermostats.

Product Features

BITCON make MCC panels are manufacturerd against specfic customer requirements mainly consiting of feeders for supplying power to motors and blowers. Feeders are designed according to the motor rating in accordance to type 2 co-ordination charts. In our MCCs, auto/manual provision will be there. With manual provision motors can be operated manually. In auto provision external signal is required to start the motor. Entire wiring is done with high grade bright copper annealed standard PVC or FRLS or HR FR insulated flexible wires. The different type of starter feeders provided by us as Star Delta, Direct On line (DOL),RDOL, Soft Starters, Variable Frequency Drives (VFD), Stator Rotor Starters and Auto Transformer Starters.

Product Benefits

  • Semi modular construction for future extension on both ends, Single/ Double front, Form 4 construction, Compartmentalization with standard dimensions to enable repeated quality and prompts delivery.
  • Bus bars are made of electrolytic grade Al/Cu with certified percentages of IACS conductivity.
  • 9-Tank process employed for the cleansing of the sheet steel.
  • Separate chambers isolated from cable alleys and unit feeder chamber allowing safety of maintenance staff.
  • Designed to meet constant changes in climatic conditions.
  • Design provides adequate space for cable or bus duct termination and required cable supports.


Operational Current 32A to 3200A
Ambient Temperature Max 50-60 ℃
Short Circuit Withstand Capacity 16KA to 100KA
Protection class IP 20/ IP 44 / IP 55/ IP 65 / as required
Type Fixed & Semi draw out type with single or double front design
Communication Modbus Protocol, RS485
Auto Manual Arrangement On-Off Push Buttons with ON Indication Lamps. (optional)



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