HT Enclosed Capacitor Bank

High Tension (HT) Metal Enclosed Capacitor Bank are true engineered-to-order products custom tailored to meet specific applications. These banks are available in Fixed, Automatic and Open Fixed configurations with a full range of accessories that can easily be incorporated into any a system solution.

Features include protection and control equipment, instrument transformers, control power transformers, isolating and grounding switches, switching devices/circuit breakers, interlocks, surge arresters, reactors, fusing (externally or internally fused), discharge coils, temperature and condensation control equipment, and fire protection.

Key Features

  • factory assembled
  • lower foot print
  • unity pf
  • cost effective
  • hassle free installation

Application Areas

  • Hydro Power
  • Thermal Power
  • Wind Power
  • Nuclear Power
  • Electrical Substations
  • Chemical Factories
  • Cement Factories
  • Iron & Steel Mills etc

Product Features

E-Cube Energy through its trusted partners offers factory built HT Metal Enclosed Capacitor Banks that offers the ultimate ease of installation and help reduces kVA billing and power factor penalties also improves voltage profile and increases power flow capability through the network. These panels can be equipped with various protection relays, meters, and sensors to protect the capacitor bank as well as the system from over-voltage, out-of-balance operation from capacitor failure,internal faults, and over-temperature due to fan failure. Protection devices are integrated with the control system and other components to form a fully integrated system.

In addition various configurations are possible based on the application as listed below:

Fixed Bank: Qc/Sn < 15% the reactive power of the capacitor banks is constant and they are started up or shut down when a predetermined KVAr value is reached. It is an “on/off” type of operation.

Automatic Bank: Qc/Sn > 15% the customer specifies automatic start up or shut down for the capacitor bank (controlled by relay). The reactive power of the capacitor bank is split into “steps” with the possibility of starting or stopping more or fewer steps. The reactive power corresponds to the change in load requirements.

Harmonic Filtering Bank: Harmonics are an important aspect when considering power factor correction. The range includes a number of options to overcome these harmonics. Harmonics are not only found in industrial networks,they can also spread into the distribution network and cause problems for other power users.


  • Ensures highest PF on a continuous basis thereby ensuring the maximum possible PF rebates and reduced energy bills
  • Fully integrated solution for reactive power compensation
  • Use of Harmonic tuned and, de-tuned filters available.
  • Supplied with internal fuse/external fuse, fuse less capacitor units
  • The entire model will accommodate in 20’ (or) 40’ container for easy shipment to customer.
  • Optional pluggable Data Logger, Ethernet, USB, Rs485, GSM modern and capacitor protection modules


Design Standardized Modular Sheet Steel Enclosures
Enclosure Finish Epoxy powder coated, in grey (RAL 7032/7305) structure finish Internal parts: rust proof zinc passivated/power coated
Bank Configuration Fixed, Switched, Single Step, Multiple Step.
Operating Voltage (line-to-line) 2.4kV – 36kV
Operating Frequency 50 Hertz / 60 Hertz
Reactive Power Output 300 KVAr – 10000 KVAr
Contactors Specialized Vaccum Contactors suitable for capacitor switching
Reactors Heavy duty Al or Cu wound Air/Iron reactors of high linearity
0.2% - Inrush in low harmonic environments
1% - Inrush suppression in harmonic infested environments
6% - Harmonic supression
Incoming / Outgoing VCB as Incomer and HRC Fuses and Unbalance CT and Relay for backup protection (other combination on request)
Metering Digital Ammeter and Voltmeter with Selector Switch as a standard option with resign current and voltage transformers
KVAR Ratings 350-10000 KVAr
Operation Auto and Manual operations using A/M Selector Switch and On-Off Push Buttons and timers


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