BITCON's BITStatic range of Real Time Power Factor Correction (RTPFC) Panels uses thyristor switched solid state contactors also popularly known as Thyristor Switching Modules (TSM). They provide instantenous reactive power compensation with inrush free zero-crossover swtitching suitable for networks with equipment sensitive to voltage variations or networks that have fast load cycles such as welding, robots, rolling mills, variable frequency drives etc.

Key Features

  • zero cross over
  • fast response
  • TSM
  • tuned filter
  • de-tuned filter
  • fast discharge resistors

Product Features

The BITCON BITstatic range of Real Time PF Correction (RTPFC) range comes with tuned or de-tuned heavy duty filter capacitor banks and microprocessor based 3CT sensing PF controllers with transistor relays for fast switching (overall response time of less than 20 ms ). These panels also have a host of configuration options that the customers can decide upon based on specific requirements at site. Specialised configuration of BITstatic system for compensation of unbalanced loads is also available on request. E-Cube's BITCON BITStatic Real Time Thyristor Switched Power Factor Correction System & Harmonic Filtration System's are rugged in construction and use best in class components to provide long service life and help the ultra-fast transient-free switching.

Product Applications

  • Rolling Mills
  • IT
  • Paper & Pulp
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Pharmacy
  • Injection Moulding


  • Transient free capacitor group switching using Electronics Switching elements
  • Reduction of voltage flickering
  • Enhances capacity of Transformer, Local generator systems such as Diesel and windmill generator
  • Avoid wave form distortions, since capacitors are connected and disconnected during Zero crossing
  • Prevents damages to sensitive electronic equipment.
  • Saves energy by reduced max. Demand, PF bonus & saving in Transformer losses.
  • Accurate Power Factor control, even in the presence of Harmonics.
  • Dramatically increases the life expectancy of switching elements and capacitor.
  • Built-in network analyser, measuring all network parameter including harmonics
  • Modular and up gradable with increased plant load


Design Standardized Sheet Steel Enclosures
Enclosure Finish Epoxy powder coated, in grey (RAL 7032/7305) structure finish. Internal parts are either powder coated or rust proof zinc passivated
Rated Volatge 220 / 415 /440/ 525 / 690 VAC (please ask about other voltages)
Output Rating Refer to Banking Configurations provided bleow.Other output ratings, switching combination or design voltages are available upon request
Capacitors Heavy Duty/ Super Heavy Duty Series Oil Impregnated Power Capacitors used are rated at 440 VAC, 525V, 690V and 880V, 50/60Hz as per network voltage
Switching Heavy Duty TSM Modules with 2100 PIV thyristors and in-built protection functions with optional RS-485 based control
Reactors Heavy duty Al or Cu wound reactors of high linearity are used for tuned or de-tuned systems.
Incoming / Outgoing MCCB / ACB as Incomer and HRC Fuses/SFU/MCCB for backup protection
Metering Digital Ammeter and Voltmeter with Selector Switch as a standard option.
Power Analyers with RS-485 port as an option.
APFC Controller Microprocessor based 1CT/3CT sensing PF controller with LCD display, in-built multifunction meters with optional RS-485 and data logging capabilities
Ambient Temperature 50℃ max short time
40℃ average in 24 hours
35℃ annual average
Protection class IP 20 /IP 44 / IP 65 / Others
KVAR Ratings 5-50 KVAR in wall mount design
60-2500 KVAR in floor mount design
Operation Auto and Manual operations using A/M Selector Switch and On-Off Push Buttons
Indications R,Y,B phase indications, On/Off for individual banks
Unbalanced Compensation Unbalanced compensation systems can be supplied based on individual site requirements. For further information please contact our sales office

Wall Mounting

Sl.No. kVAr Rating Steps
1 5kVAr 1,2,2
2 10kVAr 1,2,2,5
3 15kVAr 1,2,2,5,5
4 20kVAr 2,3,5,5,5
5 25kVAr 2,3,5,5,10
6 50kVAr 2,3,5,10,15,15

Floor Mounted

Sl.No. kVAr Rating Steps
1 75kVAr 5,10,10,25,25
2 100kVAr 5,10,10,25,50
3 150kVAr 12.5,12.5,25,50,50
4 200kVAr 12.5,12.5,25,50,50,50
5 250kVAr 12.5,12.5,25,50,50,50,50
6 300kVAr 12.5,12.5,25,50,50,50,50,50
7 350kVAr 12.5,12.5,25,50,50,100,100
8 500kVAr 25,25,50,50,50,100,100,100
9 750kVAr 25,25,50,50,100x6
10 1000kVAr 25,25,50x5,100x7

*For above 1000kVAr available upon request.


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