LT (Shunt) Power Capacitor

E-Cube Energy has on the offer the most exhaustive range of LT Power Capacitors for a wide range of applications from direct compensation to automatic PF correction panels. We have on offer MPP,APP and MDXL capacitors in both cylindrical and box type construction. Due to the inherant advantages of oil impreganted capacitors over dry type and gas filled ones due to higher ambinet tempeatures in the Indian subcontinent our offered capacitors offer the highest resliable for even the most critical of applications . Our group firms combined are the largest suppliers of AC film capacitors in Eastern India.

We offer the following type of capacitors in different constructions as detailed below :

  • APP (Al polypropylene type) type
  • MPP (Metalized polypropylene type
  • MDXL(Mixed Di-electric) type

Technical Details - MPP Type

Product Features

TIBCON make PFC Capacitors are made in accordance with Metalized Polypropylene technology with built in self healing properties. The elements are wound on fully automatic numerically controlled winding machine. The elements are housed in cylindrical shaped aluminium case within built explosion proof safety device and imreganted with dry resign( for standard duty capacitors) and non-PCB oil( for heavy/super heavy duty capacitors). For box type capacitor banks, multiple single phase cells are delta connected and housed in powder coated sheet steel enclosured. Hence our construction of box type oil filled capacitors is also called modular construction. The range of PFC Capacitors is three different types - Standard Duty (220/400/415/440V), Heavy Duty (415/440/480/525/690V) and Super Heavy Duty (415/440/480/525/690V). These capacitors are manufactured by using varied thickness of dielectric material with heavy edge metallization.


  • Compact Cylindrical Construction of capacitor.
  • 3 Phase - Delta Connection
  • Non - PCB Oil Encapsulation
  • High Temperature Withstanding Capacity
  • Self-Healing Properties
  • Explosion Proof Design Safe-Touch, Shock-Proof Terminal
  • Longer Life Expectancy
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Wide Range-Standard Duty, Heavy Duty& Super Heavy Duty


Type MKP Cylindrical / MS Box
Casing Casing Steel Sheet
Rated Voltage 220V – 690V, other voltage ratings available on request
Protection Dry Type, Self-Healing, Internal Over Pressure Disconnector
Capacitors Wide Range-Standard Duty, Heavy Duty & Super Heavy Duty
Impregnation Non PCB, Biodegradable Natural Oil, High Viscosity Resin
Over Voltage Un +10% (12h/24h), Un +15% (30m/25h), Un +20% (5m/24h), Un +30% (1m/25h)
Standary Duty Capacitors Rated Reactive Power- 0.25-50 KVAR Single Unit
Over Current - 1.5 In
Inrush Current - 200 In
Life Expectancy - >1,00,000 Operating Hours
No. of Annual Switching Operations - 5,000
Heavy Duty Capacitors Rated Reactive Power- 5-50 KVAR Single Unit
Over Current - 2.0 In
Inrush Current - 300 In
Life Expectancy - >1,50,000 Operating Hours
No. of Annual Switching Operations - 10,000
Super Duty Capacitors Rated Reactive Power- 5-37.5 KVAR Single Unit
Over Current - 2.7 In
Inrush Current - 400 In
Life Expectancy - >2,50,000 Operating Hours
No. of Annual Switching Operations - 20,000

Technical Details - APP Type

Product Features

LV Power Capacitors Bank is intended for the improvement of Power Factor in low voltage power networks. BITCON Capacitor bank comes with Robust & Highly reliable capacitor performance. These are the simplest and most economical means of increasing the capacity of any power system, minimizing energy losses and correcting load power factor. In addition, internal fuse to each element is possible for better safety, quality can be enhanced.


  • Flickering
  • High purity (>99%) Aluminium Foil used asElectrode for high current inrush.
  • Reducing power losses generated in the transformers and conductors of the installation.
  • Guaranteed output for a longer period i.e.10-15 years.
  • Basic elements are vacuum impregnated with NPCB PXE oil
  • Saves energy by reduced max. Demand, PF bonus & saving in Transformer losses
  • Built-in network analyser, measuring all network parameter including harmonics
  • Protection, durability, and safety you can trust.


Range Range 50 to 500 KVAr
Casing Casing Steel Sheet
Rated Voltage 415/440/480/525/690/850/1000 V 3 Phase (1 Ph capacitors available on request)
Protection Protection Internal fuse / HRC fuse
Capacitors Capacitors APP type Ultra Heavy Duty Series used are rated at 415/440V, 50/60Hz as per network voltage.
Impregnation Impregnation Non PCB, Biodegradable Oil
Over Voltage Un +10% (12h/24h), Un +15% (30m/25h), Un +20% (5m/24h), Un +30% (1m/25h)
Discharge Resistors Discharge Resistors fitted, Standard discharge time 60 seconds, Other discharge times on request


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