LT Distribution Boards

LT Distribution Boards (DB Panel) manufactured by E-Cube Energy are of superior quality and are available in both standardized and customized designs and have been type tested at CPRI Bhopal. The entire range is available in compartmentalized/non-compartmentalized constructions. Operational Current is up to 4000Amps.

Product Application

  • Agriculture
  • Processing Plants
  • Hospitals
  • Offices
  • Educational
  • Educational Institutions
  • Engineering Units

Product Features

AC motor speed is controlled in two ways – either by controlling the voltage or frequency. Frequency controlling gives better control due to constant flux density than voltage control. The two main features of VFD are adjustable speeds and soft start/stop. It is a power conversion device which converts the fixed voltage, fixed frequency of the input power to the variable voltage, the variable frequency output to control AC induction motors. Most of the industrial applications require variable speeds at peak load conditions and constant speeds at normal operating conditions. Closed loop working of VFDs maintains the speed of the motor at a constant level, even in case of input and load disturbances.

Product Benefits

  • Provisions for future extensions.
  • Permanent identification labels provided for each compartment.
  • Electrolytic grade tested bus bars-Cu/Al as desired.
  • Proper earthling at the bottom of the panels throughout the entire length.
  • Customization available


Operational Current Upto 6300A
Ambient Temperature Max 50-60 ℃
Short Circuit Withstand Capacity 50-100KA for 1Sec
Protection class IP 20/ IP 44 / IP 65
Type Fixed & Semi draw out type with single or double front design
Communication Modbus Protocol, RS485


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