Tuned Harmonic Filters

Tuned Harmonic Filter consist of capacitors connected in series with a specially designed reactor. The capacitors produces reactive power at the filter’s fundamental frequency & reduce the THDV, (I) of the system. A typical Harmonic filter consists of three series resonant circuits tuned to the most common harmonics 5th,7th, 11th & 13th order harmonics). Harmonic filters are custom designed for each application using standard components. This ensures that the best possible power factor correction and filtering characteristics are achieved with a reasonable investment. Since all filter components are passive they are rugged, maintenance free, reliable and low cost. Moreover, the filter implementation procedure is relatively easy. Harmonics are generated by various sources which inherently have non-linear load like VFD, Diode, Computer, & all electronics equipment’s. That is generally where frequency as well as voltage conversion system is used.

Key Features

  • custom designed
  • passive
  • rugged
  • IEEE-519 compliance
  • single tuned or multi tuned
  • enclosure options

Product Application

Automotive,Arc Welding,Metals, Cement, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Textiles, Petrochemicals, Lifts, Port, Cranes, Pulp and Paper Wind farms & Solar Power Water and Waste Water treatment Crushers & Shredders, HVAC, Automation


We have developed an efficient Passive Filter, which are specifically designed to provide superior harmonic filteration (to tolerable levels as defined by IEEE-519 ) as compared to other competing technologies for use in 6-pule front-end diode reectifier applications. Since all filter components are passive (input reactor, output reactor, shunt reactor, capacitor) they are rugged, maintenance free, reliable and low cost. .

It is however impoartant to note that the performance of the Passive Hamronic Filters is dependant on the operating load wrt to the designed load. Lower the loading, lower is the filter performance. Hence the same should be taken into consideration while selecting the optimum rating for a required application.

Product Benefits

  • No active components and hence literally maintainence free operation
  • Harmonics within levels as specificied by IEEE-519
  • Used for a wide range of applications
  • A common PHF can be used for multiple drives working in tandem
  • Highest ROI among comparable filtering technologies available


Electric Connection 3P3W/3P4W
Rated Voltage AC 400V, AC 690V
Rated Frequency 50Hz (60Hz) +/- 10%
Total Current Harmonic distortion @ THD-V <3%< /th> <9% at 30% Load
<8% at 50-60% Load
<8% at 60-90% Load
<5% at 90-100% Load
Incoming / Outgoing MCCB / ACB as Incomer and HRC Fuses for backup protection (other combination on request)
IP Grade of Cabinet IP20, IP30 or customization
Ambient Temperature -10~50 ℃
Cooling method Intelligent forced air cooling


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