HT Automatic Power Factor Correction(APFC) Panel offered by E-Cube Energy (BITCON brand) HV/MV applications are rugged in construction and use best in class components to provide long service life and help maintainthe desired PF for even the most demanding applications.

The MV APFC designed to use in electrical network up to 36kV with choice of inrush suppression reactors or harmonic tuned or detuned filters for individual steps. These panels are available in both open execution and metal enclosed design variants.

Key Features

  • automatic pf correction
  • factory built
  • trouble free installation
  • vaccum contactor
  • cost effective
  • lower footprint
  • higher ROI

Product Features

BITCON HT Automatic Capacitor Banks are custom factory built systems available in a wide range of configurations to suit individual customer requirements. These systems are either mounted on galvanized steel structures or total enclosed within sheet steel enclosuresand are offered complete with breakers, APP type capacitors, reactors, isolators, fuses, RVT/NCT and other protection equipment as per customer requirements.

Control of these capacitors banks can be segregated from the main panel using separate sets of indoor / outdoor control units featuring the PFC controller, protection relays and other control equipment.

These types of automatic PF correction systems are mostly used in distribution networks at voltage levels of 3.3 KV / 6.6 KV and 11 KV for bus level compensation of reactive power. These are also used for 33 KV networks but the amount of switching operations is usually limited due to the impact on voltage quality due to frequent switching of capacitor banks higher voltages.


  • Ensure highest PF on a continuous basis thereby ensuring the maximum possible PF rebates and reduced energy bills
  • Rugged construction with high quality components suitable for a wide range of applications
  • Use of Pre-fabricated capacitors banks comprises of three phase capacitor -1 or 2 units per step.
  • Vacuum contactors (SF 6) with inrush reactor or harmonic filter reactor per step.
  • Bus bar and interconnecting wire with integral protection and control system and HRC fuses per step.
  • Optional pluggable Data Logger, Ethernet, USB, Rs485, GSM modern and capacitor protection modules


Design Standardized Modular Sheet Steel Enclosures
Enclosure Finish Epoxy powder coated, in grey (RAL 7032/7305) structure finish Internal parts: rust proof zinc passivated/power coated
Rated Voltage 1kV – 33kV (please ask about other voltages)
Output Rating Customized as per site requirements Other output ratings, switching combination or design voltages are available upon request
Capacitors Pre-fabricated capacitors banks comprises of three phase capacitor -1 or 2 units per step / Single phase capacitor unit with double star arrangement
Contactors Vacuum contactors SF 6
Reactors Heavy duty Air Core or Iron Core Al or Cu wound reactors of high linearity are used for tuned or de-tuned systems.
Incoming / Outgoing Isolators with Vacuum Circuit breakers or fuses
Metering Digital Ammeter and Voltmeter with ourdoor oil cooled or indoor resign cast CT/PT as a standard option.
APFC Controller 3CT Microcontroller based PF controller suitable of MV applications with LCD display, in-built data logging, RS-485 communications and options GSM based remote monitoring functionality
Protection class As per customer request
KVAR Ratings As per customer request
Operation Auto and Manual operations using A/M Selector Switch and On-Off Push Buttons and timers.


HT Automatic PFCorrection (APFC) Panel - 3.3 KV, 6.6 KV, 11 KV etc


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