Auto Mains Failure(AMF) Panels

Auto Main Failure (AMF) Panels are designed to restore power during power failures and are installed in between the generators and main power supply. When the main supply failure occurs, the panel disconnects the main from the load, activates the generator and shifts load to generator output. On restoration of main supply, the generator automatically stops, gets disconnected and the load is again transferred to the mains.


BITCON AMF Panel facilitates easy switchover from Mains supply to Generator Supply and vice versa. The main purpose of this panel is to activate the standby generators in the event of failure of main grid power supply. Our AMF panel is used at places where critical loads or equipment require power 24X7 or for load sharing purpose. Our AMF panels use the latest microprocessor controlled AMF modules to enhance and provide maximum functionality. Various timers are included in the controller to prevent nuisance starting of the generator due to minor breaks in the local supply.

Product Benefits

  • Auto delaying start of Genset.
  • Hooter alarm annunciation for start failure.
  • Manual start/stop & emergency stop switch for smooth operation.
  • Generator starting, stopping and monitoring sequence
  • Automatic shutdown during any DG fault.
  • Continuous monitoring of three phase voltage/current/frequency of mains, power supply and DG.
  • Continuous monitoring of power supply status from electricity board and DG.
  • Available with lightning and surge arresters


Voltage 380/415/440V, 50 Hz, 3 Phase, 4 Wire AC System
Construction Type Floor Mounted / Cubicle Design / Floor Standing
Enclosure Fabricated with 1.6mm/2mm/2.5mm/3mm CRCA MS sheet
Protection class IP 20/ IP 44 / IP 65


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