HT Outdoor Capacitor Bank

E-Cube Energy through its trusted parterns offers the complete range of HT Outdoor Rack Mounted Capacitor Banks that are used for PF improvement at distribution networks at utilities or large industrial consumers. Given the steady nature of the loads these are a cost effective means of improving system PF, reducing demand and realizing cost savings through reduced billing and higher PF rebates.

E-Cube Energy's range of HT Capacitors Banks are deployed extensively in heavy industries and due to its rugged constrution and choice of high quality raw materials, they have been providing trouble free service to a large number of industrial customers over the years.

Product Features

The HT Outdoor Capacitor Banks mainly consists of single phase (arranged in single or double start configurations) or three phase capacitor units of Al(Aluminum) Polypropylene(AlPP) film design, inrush spression or tuned/de-tuned reactors, Residual Voltage Transformers(RVT) or Neutral Current Transformers(NCT) for capacitor protection, isolators with earth swtich, LA’s and other protection gears all mounted on galvanized steel structures. These are rugged in construction and can be designed for continuous use in the harshest of operating conditions.

These capacitor banks can be supplied with a choice of indoor or outdoor type circuit breakers with suitable C&R Panels as per curstomer specific requirements. The C&R panels offered by us as specially desinged for capacitor bank applications and are fitted with necessary metering and protection relays for the said purpose.


  • Directly related to the technical management of transmission and distribution networks.
  • Elimination of penalties for poor PF
  • Reduction in KVA demand
  • Improved Voltage Regulation
  • Reduction in voltage flickering
  • Reduced I2R losses


Design Design Galvanized structures
Bank Configuration Internal Delta, External Single or Double Star
Operating Voltage (line-to-line) 3.3kV – 132kV
Operating Frequency 50/60 Hz
Reactive Power Output 50 KVAr – 10000 KVAr
Disconnection Device Vaccum Circuit Breakers(VCB) or Double break isolators with earth switch
Bank Protection In-built fuses or drop out type fuses, RVT/NCT and C&R panel with protection relays
Reactors 0.2% - Inrush supression in low harmonic environments
1.0% - Inrush supression in harmonic infested networks
6.0% - Harmonic Supression
Other Ratings - Harmonic Supression / Filteration


HT Automatic PFCorrection (APFC) Panel - 3.3 KV, 6.6 KV, 11 KV etc


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