Isolation Line Conditioners

E-Cube Energy in partnership with TSI Power Pvt. Ltd. brings to its customers the most advanced Isolation Line Conditionders.

Product Features

ILc Series conditioners reduce the need for a high-quality ground and a dedicated line while eliminating interference from adjacent sources of disturbances. ILc contributes to enhanced operation, improved repeatability, fewer reboots and system lock-ups and extended operating life.

When you use TSi Power’s indoor isolation line conditioners, you can expect a reduction in equipment downtime and service costs. Designed for applications including office, laboratory and medical equipment, they feature a low leakage current. All our ILc models are all plug and play. Our isolation conditioners can be customized to address specific customer requirements for plugs and receptacles.

TSi Power’s low-impedance isolation line conditioners are available in sizes from 10KVA to 200KVA. The ILc comes with a two-year limited warranty.

TSi-ILc series Isolating Line Conditioner’s standard listed models are highly standardized for performance consistency & fast delivery. Consequently, standard listed models can generally be made available ex-stock or, at the latest, within 4 weeks.

All models can be factory preset for any output voltage from 215 to 240V P-N. standard machinery protections include high- low voltage cut-off, overload & short-circuit protection. LED indications are provided for status annunciation. A voltmeter with selector switch is also integral. The control PCB assembly is housed in a separately ventilated compartment & connectorized with buck-boost transformer for easy replacement.

Typical output regulation is + 1%, excluding voltmeter error. Because most CNC machines, as well as other industrial loads, have an operating range of up to + 10% hence your isolation line conditionders will continue to operate & protect your machines over an extended input voltage range, well beyond its stated range.

Application Areas

  • Offices
  • Laboratories
  • Medical Equipments
  • Engineering & Process Industry
For more details please visit the TSI website at


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