Power Quality Analyzer

E-Cube Energy through its partners offered the widest range of Power Quality Analyzers that are aimed at helping its customers measure,monitor and analyze their electrical networks in terms of the overall power quality prevailing there.


With their compact design and 45mm depth, our new generation network analyzers occupy less space in the switchboards and have a wide range of operating voltage (50-270 VAC/DC). In addition to up to 16 MB internal memory for onboard data logging, they offer wide I/O solutions with their replaceable modular structure based on customer requirements and areas of application. They also offer a wide range of analog and digital inputs/outputs and relay outputs with their I/O modules.

Product Benefits

  • Measures multiple electrical properties in real time, but also saves the measurement data in memory for export using the free data download software
  • Reductions in energy cost and other related environmental impacts, through systematic management of energy
  • It also provides facilities for monitoring and recording of electricity, gas, water or other fuels or energy source consumption through analog/digital inputs
  • The data obtained from these can then be used to produce trend analysis for daily, weekly, monthly and annual energy consumption forecasts against other parameters like production and services etc
  • Remote access to the crucial data for energy consumption in different locations & allows to compare energy usage by equipment type, store location, fuel type or time of day and provides potentials for energy savings.


Power Quality Analyzers / Network Analyzers

Power Quality Analyzers

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